Inactivate a Vendor Record

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There are two primary reasons a user may need to inactivate a vendor record at IU.

  1. It is a duplicate vendor record. In other words, the vendor is already loaded in KFS.
  2. The vendor is set up in KFS as a Refund (RV) or Participant Payment (SP) vendor, but needs to be changed to a DV or PO vendor.

The process to inactivate the vendor record is the same in both cases.

First, in the case of a duplicate vendor record, verify that the records are duplicates. Check that the addresses and/or US Tax Numbers match. In the even that you need to inactivate an RV or SP record before creating a DV or PO record, check the address listed in the Vendor Record against the address the vendor has given you.

Next, search for the vendor record you wish to inactivate. In the list of search results, click the Edit link in the far right column of the record.


In the Description field of the Vendor Record document, enter “Inactivate duplicate vendor record.”


Then, scroll down to the Vendor tab. Locate the Detail Information section at the bottom of the Vendor tab. In the bottom right corner of the Detail Information section, uncheck the Active Indicator box and select the appropriate reason from the Inactive Reason drop-down.


After unchecking the Active Indicator box, scroll down to open the Notes and Attachments tab on the Vendor Record. In the Notes field, enter a justification for why you are inactivating the vendor record. Reference another KFS document if appropriate. Click Add.


Finally, submit the document. It will route to Accounts Payable, who will review the request to confirm that the vendor record is no longer needed and the record can be inactivated.