General Ledger Entry

Description: KFS report that displays the individual transactions that make up the balance in an account. Used to review transactions by fiscal period.

Access: Any KFS user can initiate a General Ledger Entry Lookup.

KFS Module: Financial Processing.

Routing: None.

On This Page: Query Fields | Results

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Query Fields

Some query fields will be populated by default. On the General Ledger Entry query, the current fiscal year will display in the Fiscal Year field; AC, or Actual, will display in the Balance Type Code field; and the current fiscal period will display in the Fiscal Period field. Delete or change this input as desired.

Fiscal Year, Chart Code, Account Number, and Fiscal Period are the required fields on this query. Alternatively, if the Document Number is entered, Fiscal Year is the only required field. Limit search results by providing additional search parameters. Use the magnifying glass beside each field to search for a value if you do not know what to enter. Wildcard characters are compatible with the following fields in this query:

  • Account Number
  • Sub-Account Number
  • Object Code
  • Sub-Object Code
  • Fiscal Period


Include Pending Ledger Entry

Balance inquiries allow a user to choose to include or exclude pending ledger entries. Pending ledger entries are transactions from documents that have been approved or submitted for approval, but have not yet posted to the General Ledger.

  • No: Only return data from documents that reached Final status the previous day; data in this report is one day old. Default option.
  • Approved: Include data from documents that reached Final status sometime today. These transactions have been approved and will post to the General Ledger overnight.
  • All: Include data from all documents associated with this account, regardless of their status: Saved, Cancelled, En Route status, or Final. Selecting this option can generate misleading results. Saved documents may contain incomplete or unbalanced accounting entries. Additionally, submitted documents may not reach Final status. Use this option with the understanding that saved and unapproved transactions may change drastically prior to posting to the General Ledger, or may never post at all.

Debit/Credit View

  • Include: A Debit Credit Code column will be included between the Transaction Ledger Entry Amount and Transaction Date columns that indicates whether the transaction booked to the General Ledger as a debit or a credit. Default option.
  • Exclude: The Debit Credit Code column will not be visible.


Results include:

  • Ledger Entry Amount: The dollar amount associated with a specific ledger entry.

In the example below, results include the Debit/Credit View.


Note that clicking on a document number opens the KFS document or Labor Ledger Entry.