DV Step 6: Follow the DV document until it reaches final status and the payment is generated

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Document Search

Remember, the DV document initiator is responsible for ensuring the DV reaches final status and that the vendor is paid. Use the Document Search, commonly referred to as Doc Search, to track DVs you have initiated. A walk through of the Basic Doc Search is available here. You may also use the Advanced Doc Search to narrow your results further.

Open the Advanced Doc Search by clicking (Advanced) in the upper right hand corner of the Basic Doc Search screen.


To return a list of DVs you initiated, enter DV in the Document Type field, your username in the Initiator field, and select Enroute in the Status field. The search below will return DVs initiated by user schavez2 that are currently Enroute.


Scroll to the bottom of the search page and select Workflow Data. By selecting this option, a creation date will be returned with your search results. Click Search to return results.


DVs which return in your search are in the process of collecting approvals from users on the Route Log. Once all approvals are collected, the DV will move to Final status and will no longer be returned in this search. Click the arrows under Route Log to view the document’s Route Log; click the number under Document Id to view the entire document.


Routing Nodes

Required Routing Nodes

Every DV routes through the required routing nodes outlined below. DVs route through the following nodes sequentially. The minimum processing time for a DV is 9 business days. Communicate this to your vendor to set a reasonable expectation of payment turnaround time.




KFS Image Attachment Node This node is complete once supporting documentation has been attached to the DV by the Accounts Payable DV Review Team. If it has been more than 4 business days since you submitted the DV, check that you uploaded supporting documentation using the FMS AP Upload Record report in IUIE, then contact the DV Team by emailing fmsdvhlp@indiana.edu. 4 business days.
Account Node The account's Fiscal Officer (or their delegate) reviews the DV and makes a judgement about the amount and purpose of the payment. They will also review the supporting documentation for completeness and compliance with IU policy. No standard timeframe; depends on the FO.
Campus Node The KFS group "KFS-FP Disbursement Manager-BL" represents the final review by the DV Review Team. Staff review the DV to double-check that the supporting documentation is complete and compliant following the FO's approval. 5 business days.


Conditional Routing Nodes

A DV may route through additional offices depending on the vendor type, payment reason code, object code, or method of payment (wire transfer, etc.) that is used in the DV. The table below describes the most common conditional routing nodes.




Payment Method After Campus Node.
  • Wire transfers route to the Office of the Treasurer.
  • Foreign drafts route to a subgroup within Accounts Payable, Disbursement Method Reviewer node.
Purchasing Between Image Attachment Node and Account Node. Routes to the Disbursement Voucher Purchase Order Vendor Reviewer node when paying a PO vendor with a DV.
Tax Between Account Node and Campus Node.

DVs route to University Tax Services when:

  • Paying a foreign vendor.
  • Paying a vendor with a tax ID that matches an employee tax ID with the DV payment reason code "Compensation for Services."

Communicating in KFS

The best way to contact a user or group on the Route Log is by using the Notes and Attachments tab. Communications documented in this tab become part of the official audit record of the document. If questions arise in the future, one must only refer to the document in question to see the history of communication related to the transaction.

When adding a note or attachment, you must notify the intended recipient that the note is there so they will know to read it. Review the Notes and Attachments page in the Documentation Library for a step by step guide to using this tab, along with best practices.

Another option in KFS is the Ad Hoc Recipients tab. Ad Hoc Recipients allows the addition of an Approver to a document, or you may send a user an Acknowledge or FYI request. The Ad Hoc Recipients tab must be used if you are attempting to notify a group in KFS, such as the DV Review Team, instead of an individual user. The Ad Hoc Recipients page in the Documentation Library details the use of this tab.

The Pre-Disbursement Processor Tab

Check Status

Check the status of the payment in the Pre-Disbursement Processor Status (PDP) tab in KFS. PDP is the system IU uses to cut paper checks and send electronic ACH payments.

The morning after the DV document has been fully approved, the PDP extraction and pay dates will display in the PDP tab.


The extraction date indicates that the payment has been generated but does not indicate if the check has been cashed. Typically, once a DV document reaches Final status the check is cut and mailed the next day.

Deposit Status

After the payment has been generated, use the IUIE PDP Disbursement (Check) Status Report in IUIE to see if the check has been deposited. This report requires the check number from the DV payment. The check number is not the same as the KFS document number.

To find the check number, click Disbursement Info in the PDP tab.


This will open a new tab which contains the check details for the payment related to the DV. The check number is available in the Disbursement Number column.


Enter the check number in the Disbursement/Check Number field on the IUIE report page. Make sure the Disbursement Cleared Date column is selected and run the report. If the check has been deposited, the deposit date will be listed in the Disbursement Cleared Date column.


No date is available in the Disbursement Cleared Date for this check, so this check has not been cashed. Additional information about this and other IUIE reports related to checks and payments is available on the Check Status and Stop Payments website.

Stop Payment

If a payment has been generated but the check has not cleared, a stop payment may be necessary. Visit the Check Status and Stop Payments website for more information about stop payments, as well as the Stop Payment Request WorkFlow Form.

The Stop Payment Request WorkFlow Form routes through Cash Control, an office in FMS. Cash Control will double-check that the original check has not yet been cashed. If necessary, a new check will be reissued to the vendor. Contact bankrecs@iu.edu with any questions related to stop payments and check reissues.

ACH may be a better option than reissuing and mailing another check. Contact Accounts Payable at fmsaphlp@indiana.edu for more information about direct deposit setup for payees.