Document Type Hierarchy

All eDocs have a 2-4 letter “Doc Type” acronym that falls into a hierarchy which describes how and where the document is organized. The highest tier of organization contains the broadest category a document falls into, and the lowest identifies the individual document itself.

  • Ex: KFS -> KFST -> FP -> TF
  • This reads as: Kuali Financial System ->KFS Transactional Docs -> Financial Processing Docs -> Transfer of Funds. In other words, a Transfer of Funds doc is a type of Financial Processing doc which is part of the KFS Transactional doc category within the parent group of all KFS documents.

The Doc Type Hierarchy comes into play when routing documents to Account Delegates. An Account Delegate can be assigned to receive documents based on any level of the hierarchy. More specific Doc Type delegation will take precedence over more general delegation.

  • Ex: Sarah is assigned to receive all KFST (KFS Transactional) documents and Steve is assigned specifically to review all TFs for an account. Even though TFs fall into the KFST family, Sarah will not receive the TFs for that account; Steve will.
  • If you want a delegate to see all KFST (KFS Transactional) documents, make sure there are no delegates with more specific document delegation.