Customer History Report

Description: Return all AR activity for a customer.


KFS Module: Accounts Receivable.

Routing: None.

On This Page: Run a Customer History Report | Example Report

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Run a Customer History Report

Search for an existing customer record by clicking the "Customer" link in the Accounts Receivable module.


Enter search parameters in the appropriate fields. Use wildcards to broaden or narrow the search. Click Search to return results.


In the list of search results, click report to view all AR activity for a selected customer.


Example Report

A Customer History Report will display the following information.

  • Document Type (INV, CRM, APP, or INVW).
  • Document Number, the KFS document number.
  • Document Description, the description entered in the 'Description' field of the KFS document
  • Billing Date, the date the invoice was created (not populated).
  • Due/Approved Date for CRM, APP, and INVW documents.
  • Original Document Amount.
  • Unpaid/Unapplied Amount, which is the open amount on an INV or the unapplied amount on an APP. This value will be zero for CRM and INVW documents.


If there has been a payment, credit, or write-off against an invoice, clicking the Unpaid Amount will open the Unpaid/Unapplied Amount Report. The Unpaid/Unapplied Amount Report shows the documents used to apply payments, credits, or write-offs to that invoice.