Common DV Mistakes

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Mistake 1

The DV does not include the required supporting documentation, or it incorrectly includes the supporting documentation as an attachment in the “Notes and Attachments” tab.

Corrective Action

Supporting documentation must be uploaded using the Upload Tool for DV Supporting Paperwork.

The “Notes and Attachments” tab is not an appropriate location for supporting documentation for the following reasons:

  • All KFS users have access to any note or attachment uploaded to any document. Supporting documentation often contains confidential or sensitive information that should not be shared with everyone who has access to KFS.
  • Items in the “Notes and Attachments” tab are not reviewed during an audit. DV supporting documentation provides crucial information in the event of an audit, so it must be stored where an auditor can expect to find it.

Mistake 2

The total payment amount exceeds the established limits. For example, a payment amount is submitted in excess of $500 for an out-of-pocked reimbursement or $1,000 for compensation for professional services.

Corrective Action

Accounts Payable will request a one-time approval, on behalf of the submitting department, from the Office of Procurement Services, with the expectation that future payments will stay within the established limits. Purchasing will need to review and approve the document, will significantly delay the payment.

Mistake 3

Alcohol was deducted from the total amount on the DV, but the tax related to the alcohol was not deducted.

Corrective Action

Accounts Payable will disapprove the DV. The submitting department must initiate a new DV in which the both the cost of the alcohol and the tax from the alcohol are subtracted from the total amount due.

Mistake 4

The DV submitted with the payment reason code “Reimbursement for Out of Pocket Expense” does not include a proof of payment. For example, an invoice or a restaurant bill shows that a balance was due but not that the invoice or bill was paid.

Corrective Action

An appropriate image or proof of payment must be submitted using the Upload Tool for DV Supporting Paperwork. Use the second link, “Audit paperwork submission.” Make sure all critical data is redacted from submitted documents.

Mistake 5

An initiator enters a request in the Notes field of the “Notes and Attachments” tab that Accounts Payable (AP) cancel or disapprove the DV document, but the initiator did not complete the KFS action required to send the notification to AP, so AP cannot act on the request.

Corrective Action

Initiator/requestor must do one of the following:

  • Add the Accounts Payable DV Review Team as an Ad Hoc recipient to the DV document. Using the “Ad Hoc Group Requests” field, use the Namespace Code KFS-SYS and the Name FMSDVHLP. “FYI” action should be requested.
  • Send an email to the Accounts Payable DV Review Team ( with a request to cancel or disapprove the DV document. Include the DV document number in the email.

Mistake 6

A DV to make a payment to a vendor for a hospitality expense is submitted.

Corrective Action

DVs should not be used to make direct vendor payments for hospitality expenses. The DV will be disapproved and the initiator must put the hospitality expense on a REQ document. Reimbursements for out-of-pocket hospitality expenses up to $500, however, may be placed on a DV, if an exception to the normal procurement process was necessary.

Mistake 7

An IU staff member purchases an item and receives an invoice for the item’s cost. The staff member then initiates a DV to cut a check for the invoiced amount.

Corrective Action

Purchases of this nature are subject to specific IU policies; initiating a REQ document for the purchase of a tangible item is the only way to make sure the appropriate policies are followed. Therefore, in the above instance, the DV will be disapproved. The initiator should create a REQ document (with the “Transmit Method” set to “No Print”) and should attach supporting documentation (e.g., hospitality approval, statement of work from service provider), to the REQ. They should then send the invoice, with the PO number written on it, to Accounts Payable at Note that this workaround will only be accepted in rare circumstances.