Chart Codes

IU's Chart of Accounts is organized into two kinds of chart codes:

  • Campus-level charts (including University Administration), and
  • Auxiliary charts.

Each campus has a unique chart. In addition, there are subsidiary charts on the Bloomington and Indianapolis charts to separate the activity of some auxiliary units. University Administration, which includes organizations that serve all IU campuses, also has a unique chart.

All charts report up to a top level chart that exists only for reporting purposes.

The hierarchy of the charts is as follows:

  • Indiana University (IU)
    • Bloomington (BL)
      • Bloomington Auxiliaries (BA)
    • East (EA)
    • Fort Wayne (FW)
    • Indianapolis (IN)
      • Indianapolis Auxiliaries (IA)
    • Kokomo (KO)
    • Northwest (NW)
    • South Bend (SB)
    • Southeast (SE)
    • University Administration (UA)

The following is a graphical representation of the chart hierarchy (click the image to enlarge):

graphical representation of the chart code hierarchy

Note: Accounting related to medical school units on the FW campus are managed by the IN chart.

Specific individuals are responsible for all activity on each chart. These individuals are called Chart Managers. The current chart managers are listed in the following table.


Chart Manager


 BA  Julie Bauters
 BL  Chris Puckett
 EA  Dan Dooley
 IA  Camy Broeker
 IN  Kevin Walsh
 IU  Bill Overman
 KO  Jared Hayman
 NW  Michelle Dickerson
 SB  Kathleen Pizaña
 SE  Dana Wavle
 UA  Anna Jensen