Basic Doc Search

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Search Interface

Doc Search allows users to search for an existing KFS document based on specific parameters.

To search for a document, click the Doc Search icon in the top right corner of KFS.


The Basic Search interface will open.


The four fields in the Basic Search interface are:

  • Document Id: The unique number used to identify each KFS document. This is also called the Document Nbr.
  • Document Type: The 2-4 character acronym used for KFS documents. For example, "DI" stands for "Distribution of Income and Expense," "TF" stands for "Transfer of Funds," etc.
  • Initiator: The IU username of the KFS user who created the document.
  • Created Date: The dates from which, prior to, or between which the document was created. Dates must be in mm/dd/yyyy format.

Note that when a Document Type is specified, document-specific search fields will display. Use these parameters to narrow your search. Additionally, when a Document Type is specified, the Search Result Type options will display.

  • Select Document Specific Data to see fields, such as Org Doc Number or Total Amount, related to the Document Type in the list of search results.
  • Select Workflow Data to display the standard search result columns, including the document description and the date the document was created.


Click Search to initiate your search.

Search Results 

Search results display as a table beneath the Basic Search interface. To sort the list, click on a header. Click once to sort in ascending order; click twice to sort in descending order.

Click on a Document Id to open a KFS document. Click on a Route Log arrow to view only the document's Route Log.


Use the icons in the top right corner of the results table to filter the search results, download the search results as a .csv file, or save the search to your Favorites.


Recent and Favorite Searches

A list of your most recent searches, as well as a list of your saved, or favorited, searches, will always display in the list of Recent Searches and Favorite Searches to the right of the Basic Search interface.

In the example below, the user recently searched for documents initiated by elimason, documents initiated by schavez2, and DV documents initiated by elimason. The user has one saved, or favorited, search that they named "My DV docs."


Favorite a search by clicking the star icon beside a recent search or at the top right of the search results table of a current search. 

Searching for Doc Types (Doc Search by Type)

If you don't know a document's Doc Type, the Doc Search by Type module allows you to look it up. Entering a Doc Type into a basic search can help narrow down results to locate a specific document. 

Screenshot of KFS Doc Search by Type module with Transfer of Funds highlighted

Click on the Doc Search by Type module. Locate the document's full name in the flyout window and select the document of interest. A new window opens, showing the Doc Type acronym. 

Screenshot of KFS Doc Search by Type results, with TF for Transfer of Funds highlighted

In this example, you can see that a Transfer of Funds Doc Type is "TF." You can now enter this Doc Type into a basic search to narrow results to only display documents of that type.