Asset Lookup

Description: The Asset Lookup form, labeled "Asset" in the CAMS module, allows users to search for and identify existing assets.

Access: Any KFS user can access this lookup. The actions a KFS user may take within the lookup will vary depending on the user's additional KFS roles.

KFS Module: Capital Assets.

Routing: None.

On This Page: Query Fields | Lookup Results | Lookup Actions

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Query Fields

The Asset Lookup Form contains 30 parameters. Users may search using any combination of parameters to limit search results.

Some search fields have icons to their right. For example:


The magnifying glass icon opens another lookup specific to that data field.

The calendar icon opens a calendar from which a user can select a specific date.

Wildcards are allowable in all data fields.

Data Field


Tag Number A unique identification number found on the tag affixed to the asset.
Asset Number A system-assigned identifier unique to each asset.
Organization Owner Chart of Accounts Code The chart code for the owner account that is responsible for the asset.
Organization Owner Organization Code The organization responsible for the asset.
Organization Owner Account Number The owner account responsible for the asset.
Owner All capital assets in the system are deemed to be in the custody of Indiana University, regardless of who retains the title to the equipment. For this reason, we default the owner to 'INU' for Indiana University.
Campus A code that identifies the physical campus on which the asset is located.
Building Code A code assigned to the building in which the asset is physically located.
Building Room Number The room number in the building in which the asset is physically located.
Asset Type Code A code that classifies assets into categories. The life of an asset is assigned based on its asset type.
Asset Status Code A code that indicates the current status of the asset (Active, Non-Capital, Retired, etc.).
Asset Condition The condition of an asset (Excellent, Fair, Good, Poor).
Vendor Name The company or person who sold the asset to IU and to whom the first payment was made.
Manufacturer The name of the person or company that manufactured the asset.
Model Number The number assigned by the manufacturer to this model of asset.
Serial Number A unique identification number assigned by the manufacturer of the asset.
Create Date From The date the asset was added to the asset database.
Create Date To The date the asset was added to the database.
Asset Representative Principal Name The user ID of the asset representative.
Organization Inventory Name Enter information to help identify the person who is responsible for the physical inventory of the asset.
Asset Description Free-form text that describes the asset.
Organization Text Freeform text that provides additional information about the asset.
National Stock Number A 13-digit federal identification number assigned to the asset. This numeric code identifies all standardized material items in the supply distribution system of the United States Department of Defense.
Government Tag A number assigned by a government entity to an asset purchased with federal and/or state funds.
Old Tag Number When tag numbers are defaced or missing, a new tag number is assigned to the asset. When a new tag is assigned, the previous tag number is moved to this field.
Organization Tag Number A number assigned by an organization to internally identify assets. This number is independent of IU's tagging system.
Total Cost The total cost of the asset.
Payment Sequence Number A system-assigned number that identifies the order in which payments were processed.
Payment Purchase Order Number The number assigned to the Purchase Order to which the payment posted.
Payment Document Number The transactional document number that generated the capital expense.

Lookup Results

When KFS finds assets that match the search criteria. the assets are listed in a table of results beneath the search window.


Each row of the results table represents a different asset and includes links for up to eight different actions a user may take on the asset. Actions are listed below. Depending on a user's authorization and/or permission level, some actions may not display.

Clicking on the Asset Number displays all information stored in the Capital Asset module for the asset.

Use the Export options at the bottom of the results table to download the results as a CVS, XLS, or XML file.

Lookup Actions



Edit Modify data associated with the asset.
Loan Enter information related to the loan of the asset.
Renew Record the renewal of an equipment loan.
Return Record the return of an equipment loan.
Merge Merge two or more assets together. Requires an asset retirement.
Separate Separate one asset into two or more assets.
Transfer Enter information related to the transfer of assets.
View Allows user to view read-only asset information. This option only appears for retired assets.