A list of approved collection agencies.  If you are using an agency that is not listed here, please contact the chairperson of the Collection Agency Oversight Committee.


To view a copy of the contract, please visit the Collection Agencies portion of the Purchasing web site.  The pricing is normally listed towards the end of the contract.


Collection Agency Contact Telephone Email
EOS CCA  Robert Sedia 585-214-8101 robert.sedia@oes-cca.com
Merchants & Medical Tony Barnhill 800-562-0273 x-461 tbarnhill@mermed.com
National Enterprise Systems  Deona Macklin 440-260-1846 dmacklin@nes1.com
NCO Financial Systems and Transworld Systems Bob Fricke 262-780-7500 Bob.Fricke@tsico.com
Penn Credit Corporation  Caroline Smith 800-800-3328 x-3104 Caroline.Smith@penncredit.com
Recovery Management Services (RMS)  Nancy Paris 630-657-1277 nparis@rmscollects.com
Reliant Capital Solutions  Megan Howard  614-452-6118 mhoward@reliant-cap.com
Security Credit Systems  Sandra Juliano 800-836-4568 x-114 sjuliano@securitycreditsystems.com
Williams & Fudge  Wrenn Talbert 800-849-9791 x-2220 wtalbert@wfcorp.com