Monitoring Unclaimed Property in IUIE


The existing IUIE PDP Disbursement Status Report now has parameters for Fiscal Officer, Account, and Chart Org. These can be used to monitor unclaimed funds associated with your department.


Disbursement Number=Check Number

Examples: (click to enlarge) 

 Fiscal Officer User ID  Account (separated by commas)  Account Organization
unc_prop_by_fouser.PNG unc_prop_by_acct.PNG unc_prop_by_acct_org.PNG


How do I look up more information without the payee name?

FMOP: The source doc is the DV or PREQ document ID.

TRMS/KUAL: These are travel checks. Review your operating statements for the month of the check date. The source doc is the trip number or TR document ID for KUAL/TEM checks.


What do I do if I need to reissue or cancel the check?

Please review the Cash Control FAQ and Stop Payment General Procedures. A check cannot be canceled because it's in unclaimed property and stale. The funds are still due to the payee.