Cash Control FAQ

How do I find the check number?

PDP: Disbursement Number=Check Number
KFS General Ledger: In the Document Number viewing GL Balances. CHKD transaction type. In KFS object codes 9041 and 9042 should contain all these transactions for DV and PREQ payments. This is the best method for finding travel check numbers.

MOS or GL Detail: The Document Number attribute
KFS PREQ: Under View Payment History tab, click on disbursement info on the right side in the PDP Extract Date column.
KFS DV: Under the Pre-Disbursement Processor Status tab, click on disbursement info. Some converted FIS DVs will not have this button. Reference the GL or Status of Payments.

Searching for a check number via DV or PREQ number
PDP: Search by the Source Document Number.
A/P Status of Payments is an alternative to PDP that is open to all employees. PO and DV Payments only. No uploaded and TRMS payments.

DVs not in the Final Status do not have disbursement records (no check number), refer to the document routing to resolve.

Has a check been returned?

Any information related to a check being returned from the post office would be listed in the document notes. The initiator should have received an FYI Read Note. Cash Control would not know anything further.

What is the status of a check?

IUIE PDP Disbursement (Check) Status Report
If you know the check number you may request its status here. A cleared date will be provided if available or any unclaimed property history. If a check has no cleared date a result will still return. ACH payments are also returned and always clear on the disbursement date. ACH payments cannot have a status of outstanding or stale.


**Cleared check data for A/P checks is loaded on Tuesday afternoons, use the status process to request an up-to-date status if no cleared date is returned.**

Use the normal stop payment and status process to request the absolute check status, images, reissues, or cancels an outstanding disbursement both stale and newer than six months.

How long do I have to wait to place a Stop Payment?

If payment is not due and the check has been mailed you may request a stop payment immediately.


If payment is due, the check is presumed lost, and under normal circumstances:


If the remit address is incorrect we advise to at least wait until the next business day.


If the remit address is correct and the address is within the US, normal mail routing can take up to a week. I would at least advise to wait until the end of the following week. (Allow one weekend to pass)


If the remit address is foreign delivery might take up to two weeks.


These time frames are just an advisement and we can always review situations on a case by case basis.


If a check is returned in the mail the initiator/contact will be contacted by FMS Customer Service and notes will be made on the document.

How do I find my Cash Control Workflow Document?

Cash Control workflow documents are retrievable in the regular KFS document search. The documents have a security filter that only allows the initiator and Cash Control the ability to return the documents in search results. If you are searching for a document that you did not initiate you will most likely see "xx row filtered for security purposes". Contact Cash Control for help with a previous stop payment.

I am looking at disbursement in KFS and it says Extracted (stale) this check stale?

Clicking "Disbursement Info" still displays a payment status of "stale" if the disbursement is over 182 days old. This should display "Locked" and does not indicate a stale check.

The payment status in PDP is in reference to the payment status in our General Ledger (paid/extracted, pending, canceled) and does not indicate a check's status at our disbursement bank. (cashed/cleared/paid, outstanding, stale)

New PDP Statuses
[Days from disbursement date]--[PDP Status]--[Status of Payment Status]

No History (cancel or reissue)
Before 182 days--Extracted--C
After 182 days--Extracted (Locked)--C or Extracted (Stale)

Reissued disbursements
Before 182 days--Extracted (reissued)--C
After 182 days--Extracted (Locked)--C or Extracted (Stale)

Canceled disbursements
Before 182 days--Cancel Disbursement--X
After 182 days--Cancel Disbursement (Locked)--X or Cancel Disbursement (Stale)

All disbursements that were not canceled in PDP after six months will have a status of Extracted (Locked) or Extracted (stale). Both cleared checks(and ACH payments) and stale checks will have this status. Refer to the reports referenced here to confirm if the check has cleared or is logged as Unclaimed Property.

ACH Payments cannot go stale like a check. ACH Payment clear on the disbursement date unless you are notified of a return.

Can I reissue a check as a direct deposit?

If the disbursement has no special handling or attachments a check can be reissued as a direct deposit if the payee has an active ACH record. (Bursar/Travel/AP) To check A/P disbursement ACH status use the Payee ACH Report. Bursar and Travel are self service.

Why did a check print in place of an ACH payment?

If a DV or PREQ has any sort of Attachment or Special Handling flagged a check is printed. If an ACH payment is needed you will need to cancel the original check before creating a completely new disbursement. There might also be timing issues between A/P Disbursement ACH and the day the check was printed. See Payee ACH Report for a vendor's current status.

What do I do if a check is not needed or invalid?

If a check is created for a future event and the disbursement is not needed the check must be cancelled. Tearing up a check does not void the payment. Until the right steps are taken the university's liability remains indefinitely either through outstanding checks or unclaimed property. It is the department's responsibility to recover the funds through the check cancellation process.
Do not reissue a payment through the separate invoice or disbursement voucher without canceling the original check.

What are valid reasons to cancel a check?

A check cannot be cancelled if payment is due. This also applies to deceased payees and payees who refuse stale check reissues. If you are unable to locate the payee mail the unclaimed check to FMS Customer Service.


A cancel is required if a check is payable to the wrong payee, the name is misspelled, the wrong amount, or it is being paid by other means. After six months checks are considered stale and are cancelled by the disbursement banks.

What are stale checks?

Stale checks are unclaimed disbursements not cashed within six months of the check date. The check itself is void, but the funds are still outstanding as a payable to the payee. The bank automatically cancels these payments and the funds are returned to a university clearing account. If you receive an inquiry about a stale check and you do not respond the payment is not eliminated. If the payment is not due please follow the stop payment process or respond to the staff member stating payment is not due. If the payment is truly unclaimed Cash Control periodically remits payments to the appropriate state government. It does not need to be canceled. Unclaimed Funds is the holding location.


f you have a stale check follow the stop payment procedures.


If the payee is able to present the original check for payment and it is outstanding in the Unclaimed Property Account, Cash Control will allow it to pay and clear with internal accounting.

I've found an old stale bursar check, can I cash it?

Most unclaimed student bursar checks are immediately refunded back to a student's bursar account at the beginning of month seven. If you have an old bursar check review your bursar account or contact Cash Control before attempting to deposit. We will reject refunded stale bursar checks.

A stale check is on an expense account that is closed, what should I do?

Stale checks are reissued via refund DV out of the unclaimed property clearing account, not the original expense account. If a stale check is cancelled via DI the continuation account will be used.

Can I reissue a stale check as a direct deposit?

Yes. As long as the payee has A/P ACH any new DV payment will be an ACH. Reissued Payroll and Travel checks are paid via DV, not the original system, A/P Disbursement ACH will be required.

Can I reissue a stale check as a wire?

Yes. Stale checks are reissued with new refund DVs we are able to change the payment type from Check/ACH to Wire. Contact Cash Control.