Check Status and Stop Payments

Cash Control FAQ
General questions about stops payments and stale checks

Stop Payment General Procedures
Outlines each step of the stop payment process.

Unclaimed Property Guidelines
Guidelines for submitting non-IU check disbursement unclaimed property.

Check Status Workflow and IUIE Reports

IUIE PDP Disbursement (Check) Status Report
If you know the check number, DV, Travel Reimbursement, or PREQ Doc ID you may request its status here. A cleared date will be provided if available or any unclaimed property history. If a check has no cleared date a result will still return. ACH payments are also returned and always clear on the disbursement date. ACH payments cannot have a status of outstanding or stale. The source for this report is Cleared Checks. Note: If you see Extracted (stale) in KFS please read our FAQ.


Paycheck Status Report
A similar report for paychecks is now available. Results for only paper paychecks will be returned.


Update cycle:
Northern (AP) 3/4: Weekly Tuesday afternoon at 3:30pm
Chase (Bursar/Travel/Payroll) 1/2: M-F at 3:30 pm for the previous business day.


Check Status (Image) Request WorkFlow | Instructions
To request check copies and/or absolute current status. You may request a stop payment without requesting its status first. Cash Control will verify check status before placing a stop payment.  If you cannot find a check with the IUIE report use this form. Cash Control will verify its absolute status with the bank. If you need a bunch of check copies or you need help locating an old TOPS check number email Cash Control directly. Close the window after submitting the form. Refer KFS document search find an enroute document. You will receive an alert when the document is complete. See Stop Pending Payroll Direct Deposit. Contact Cash Control for reversing an A/P ACH payment.

Stop Payment Workflow Form

Stop Payment Request WorkFlow Form | Instructions
This new edoc replaces both the Stop Payment Forms and provides instructions on returning outstanding checks for cancellation. You choose Cancel/Reissue within the form. If a check is presumed lost or needs cancellation you do not need to request its status first. Close the window after submitting the form. Refer to KFS Document Search find an enroute document. You will receive an alert when the document is complete. If the check has already  been stopped it can be destroyed or returned with the form below. It does not need to be tracked and canceled with this form.

Undeliverable Check Return Form
Return this if you have the original undeliverable, stale, or stopped check. Use the WorkFlow for checks that have not already been cancelled or reissued and need action taken. PDF file.