IUIE Reports

The following is a list of the most common CAMS reports in IUIE.

Asset Detail List It is recommended to print this report before conducting your capital asset inventory.  This report lists detailed asset information including description, location, tag number, create date, cost and accumulated depreciation for assets in a given organization, account or building.  It is extremely helpful in locating assets for scanning. 
Asset Inventory Reconciliation The purpose of this report is to provide organizations with the status of their physical inventory for the current fiscal year.  It is recommended to run this report after completing the capital asset inventory to confirm that all assets for your organization have been inventoried.  Enter the date of July 1st of the current fiscal year and the report will return only assets that still need to be inventoried.  If the report is clear, or returns no data, your inventory is complete.
Asset Reconciliation This report presents the detail transactions that make up the 86XX and 89XX amounts on the Balance Sheet and the depreciation expense on the Income Statement for a given account or organization.  Select Database of Production to return data for the current fiscal year.
Depreciation Report This report displays the year-to-date and monthly depreciation expense for all assets within a given account or organization.  This report is helpful if you need detailed depreciation information.
Equipment Loan This report lists assets for a given organization that are currently on loan via the Equipment Loan/Return document.
Forecast Depreciation Report It is recommended to run this report when budgeting depreciation as it computes the anticipated future depreciation expense for assets within a given account or organization.  If the date of 6/30/20X6 was entered, the forecasted depreciation for each year up until that date would display separately on the report.  
Unapproved Documents in Inbox by Chart and Org This report lists the chart, org, inbox name, create date and initiator of all unapproved documents in KFS created before a specific date.  This report is helpful to run before the end of a period to confirm that all documents initiated have been approved before the period closes.
Untagged Assets This report lists detailed information for assets that have been created for a given chart or organization but have not yet been tagged in KFS.  It is recommended to run this report for your organization with org hierarchy to determine if all your assets have been tagged in KFS to ensure your organization is within policy.