Inventory Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get capital asset tags?

  • Email Capital Asset Management at to request both capital and non-capital asset tags.

What if I’m having difficulty scanning a bar code?

  • If the IU Tag is torn, curled, or unreachable the tag number should be replaced. When replacing a tag, be sure to remove the old tag.  It is very important that capital assets only have one official university tag number.
  • Try scanning the tag at a 45 degree angle.
  • Try moving the scanning device about 6-10 inches away from the equipment.
I forgot to change room numbers and I have already scanned assets in the new location. What should I do?
  • Change the room number and rescan the assets in that room.

I think I scanned an asset twice. How do I correct this?

  • The scanner will simply update the last entry of that tag number. No action is required.

I scanned a piece of equipment that we use, but it doesn’t really belong to our organization.  Does this mean that we are now responsible for the asset? Will it show up on our inventory?

  • No.  When you scan an asset, you are only verifying the location of the asset at the time of inventory. The asset will show on the inventory of the organization that owns the asset.  It is perfectly fine that you scanned another organization's asset. 
Is it acceptable to manually enter tag numbers into the scanner?
  • No. Tagged assets are required to be scanned during your inventory period.
It appears that the equipment I need to scan has no tag.  What should I do?
  • Verify the serial number listed on the asset of your report matches the serial number on the equipment.  If so, contact the capital asset office for further instructions.
I am looking at a piece of expensive equipment that I believe should have a yellow tag.  Should I put a tag on it?
  • No.  Capital asset status is dependent on more factors than just a dollar amount.
How do I know if my inventory is completed?
  • After all your assets have been scanned and all nontagged and off campus assets have been updated, run the Asset Inventory Reconciliation report in IUIE.  If the report is clear (or returns no data) your inventory is complete for the current fiscal year.  Please contact the capital asset office for help with running this report.
I scanned a piece of equipment when I performed my organization's inventory, but it is listed on my reconciliation report.  Why?
  • Errors that have not been resolved on the Bar-code Error Document will appear on the Asset Inventory Reconciliation report.
  • The tag was not properly scanned.