Capital Purchases in BUY.IU

Requisitions created in Buy.IU will require capital asset lines to be flagged as capital in addition to using a capital object code. Additionally, capital asset information will now be collected on the Asset Configuration Document in a new application called Fuse. The Asset Configuration Document will route for completion to the KFS action list of the individual listed as ‘Prepared By’ on the requisition and will have to be completed before the Purchase Order is sent to the supplier.


We highly recommend all departments that purchase capital assets have a representative attend Capital Purchases in BUY.IU Training. Check the Purchasing section of the Training Catalog for class information.


Link to STG environment for training.

Link to BUY.IU TUIT for training.



  • Capital asset lines must be coded to a capital object code (i.e. 7000, 7300) and have the capital asset box checked. This box is presented on each line item below the commodity code. If these are not in agreement, the requisition will be returned for corrections. The best place to update the capital asset check box is to click ‘Return to shopping cart’. 


RETURNED REQUISITIONS                    

  • To reduce delays in processing your requisition, it is recommended to receive notifications about returned requisitions. Go to View My Profile -> Notification Preferences -> Shopping Carts & Requisitions -> Cart/PR rejected/returned. Click ‘Edit section’ in top right, select Override, and change to Email & Notification.
  • Returned requisitions will be displayed in My Action Items on your BUY.IU dashboard.





  • Requisitions with a capital trade-in must be processed using the Non-Catalog Item. All Shop Catalog requisitions with a trade-in will be disapproved by Purchasing.
  • Trade-in line items must be linked to an item in your cart. The capital asset check box, accounting code, taxable status, and commodity code for the trade-in line must match the line item that the trade-in is linked to.
  • Review Creating a Requisition with a Trade-In for more detailed instructions.


For additional information, check out our BUY.IU Capital Assets FAQ. Please contact with any questions related to capital purchases.