About Us

Mission, roles, and responsibilities of Capital Asset Management.

Capital Asset Standard Operating Procedures

Procedural documentation for capital asset accounting and inventory management.

Capital Purchases in BUY.IU

Instructions, documentation, and helpful information for making purchases of capital assets in BUY.IU.

Class Registration



Register for capital asset training sessions offered on the Bloomington and Indianapolis campus.


Contact information for university administration and campus capital asset staff.

Forms and Certificates

Capital asset forms and certificates.

Inventory Procedures

Frequently asked questions and instructions for capital asset inventory.

IUIE Reports

Uses for the most common CAMS reports in IUIE.

Mailing List

Subscribe to the CAMS mailing list.

Policies and Regulations

Information on university policies and governmental regulations pertaining to capital assets.

Reference Information

Reference materials for choosing the correct object code, complete list of asset type codes, and documentation on capital asset documents in KFS.

Video Tutorials

Informational videos with step-by-step instructions on how to complete various capital asset documents in KFS.