Agreement for KFS Service Billing Transactions

Effective July 1, 2017

The Service Billing (SB) document should be used to record the income and corresponding expense for billings of goods and services between university accounts. Effective July 1, 2017, the following restrictions will be added to the SB document:

  • Account Restrictions – the account listed on the income side of the document will be required to be in the auxiliary service (AUXSER), external agency (EXTAGY), internal agency (INTAGY) sub-fund groups or in a program income account (55) account.  Please see Policy I-400 Recharge and Service Center Activity and RSOP 2.0 Reporting Requirements for Recharge/Service Centers to determine if you should set up a Service Center account.
  • Object Code Restrictions – an income object code is required on the income side (object type: IN) and an expense object code (object type: ES, EE, EX) is required on the expense side of the document.   
  • Approval to Use the SB- Access to the SB document requires approval by Financial Management Services. Once approval is given, the user will be added to the SB Initiator’s role in KFS.

Since the SB document does not route, use of this document is typically limited to departments that are routinely billing a large number of internal customers on a regular basis. Any access granted to the SB document after 7/1/2017, will be contingent on recharge rate submission and/or a prior approval from the Chief Accountant. This document authorizes billings originating from the specified Service Provider account(s) using the KFS Service Billing document.

By completing this agreement, the Service Provider agrees to meet the following conditions:

  • Departments that have existing users, prior to July 1, 2017, should have submitted a rate request to by June 30, 2018, unless Financial Management Services has granted you approval to create a 67/69 account. Rate submission is required at least biennially. Please refer to RSOP #2 for more details.
  • The Service Provider agrees to maintain documentation for all transactions recorded on Service Billing documents for a period of seven fiscal years plus the current fiscal year.
  • The Service Provider agrees to make that documentation available to Service Billing Customer(s), Indiana University Internal Audit, Financial Management Services and the State Board of Accounts upon request.
  • The Fiscal Officer of the account charged on a Service Billing document is aware of the services performed and agrees the Service Provider may initiate Service Billing documents to bill accounts for which they are responsible. Further, the Fiscal Officer of the account being charged understands that the Service Billing document in the KFS does not route for approval.

This agreement may be revoked at the request by the Service Provider, by Financial Management Services, or if charges are made on the Service Billing document when any of the above conditions are not met.

In order to gain access to the Service Billing document, an organization should complete the following steps:

  • Receive approval of its campus administrator.
  • Complete the below Agreement for KFS Service Billing Document Transactions web form, to be reviewed by FMS Operations, Auxiliary Accounting, and Cost Accounting.

Establish a New Service Billing Organization and Document Initiators

Use this form to establish your organization as a Service Billing organization and the users who will initiate Service Billing documents. Must be completed by the Fiscal Officer.

Click here to access this form.

Modify Service Billing Initiators for an Organization

Use this form to add or delete Service Billing initiators for a previously approved Service Billing organization. Must be completed by the Fiscal Officer.

Click here to access this form.