Accrued Payroll Liability Variance

  FY18 FY17


from FY17

Quarter 1 15 days 15 days 0.0%
Quarter 2 * 10 days 10 days 0.0%
Quarter 3 15 days 15 days  0.0%
Quarter 4 10 days 10 days 0.0%

How to read this table:

The days in each Fiscal Year column represent the days that are accrued automatically in the specified quarter (weekdays only). The Variance from Prior Year columns represent the percentage variance you should be seeing for the Accrued Payroll Liability variance if total Bi-weekly salaries remain constant.

Any variance on your quarterly variance analysis that materially varies from the above percentages needs to be explained on the variance analysis.

* NOTE: Quarter 2 of each year will also accrue an amount equal to December’s salary for Professional staff since the December paycheck is not paid until early January.