Auxiliary Accounting Calendar

A downloadable Outlook calendar import is available at the bottom of this page. 

Calendar Year 2018-19

1/10/2019 December Auxiliary Vouchers due (FY2019 2nd quarter end)
1/17/2019 FY2019 Q2 Variance Analysis due
1/28/2019 FY2019 Q2 Follow up due from consultants
1/31/2019 FY2019 Q2 Responses to follow up due
2/12/2019 January Auxiliary Vouchers due
3/12/2019 February Auxiliary Vouchers due

March Auxiliary Vouchers due (FY2019 3rd quarter end)

4/17/2019 FY2019 Q3 Variance Analysis due
4/24/2019 FY2019 Q3 Follow up due from consultants
5/1/2019 FY2019 Q3 Responses to follow up due
5/10/2019 April Auxiliary Vouchers due
6/12/2019 May Auxiliary Vouchers due


June Auxiliary Vouchers due (FY2019 year end)


Final Close for FY19
7/31/2019 FY2019 Q4 Variance Analysis (VA) and Balance Sheet Backup (BSB) due for all Auxiliaries over $250k in revenue
8/7/2019 FY2019 Q4 Follow up due from consultants (Reporting Orgs)
8/12/2019 July Auxiliary Vouchers due
8/16/2019 FY2019 Q4 Responses to follow up due (Reporting Orgs)
8/27/2019 FY2019 Q4 Follow up due from consultants (Non-Reporting Orgs)
9/4/2019 FY2019 Q4 Responses to follow up due (Non-Reporting Orgs)
9/10/2019 August Auxiliary Vouchers due
10/10/2019 September Auxiliary Vouchers due (FY2020 1st quarter end)
10/17/2019 FY2020 Q1 Variance Analysis due
11/12/2019 October Auxiliary Vouchers due
12/10/2018 November Auxiliary Vouchers due


csv  Downloadable Calendar File (right-click file, select Save As and choose a folder) 

Instructions for Outlook 2010 (Outlook 2007 will be similar, but with slight variations):

  1. Download the calendar file
  2. Open Outlook and go to File/Open/Import
  3. Select “Import from another program or file” and press next
  4. Select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” and press next
  5. Press Browse and find the file that you downloaded
  6. Select “Do not import duplicate items” and press next
  7. Select your Calendar and press next
  8. Make sure the checkbox is checked and press Map Custom Fields
  9. Make sure Fields are mapped to the appropriate field. If not, drag items from left window to right window. Press Ok when done
  10. Press Finish and items from calendar items should all be imported


NOTE: Items will appear at the top of the calendar day and will not interfere with availability status.