Auxiliary Consultants

Consultant Industry Organization Chart Org Code
  Athletics Athletics BL ATHL
    Athletics IN ATHL
Medical IU Health Center BA IUHC
    Optometry Auxiliary BL OPTX
    Speech and Hearing Services BL SPHX
    Dentistry - Support Services IA DSDS
    Dentistry - Faculty Practice IA DSFP
    Oral Health Research Testing IN DSOT
  Technology eText Service UA ETXT
    Technology Enterprise Infrastructure UA TEI
    Technology Enterprise Software UA TES
    Technology Information Assurance UA TIA
    Technology Networks UA TNW
    Technology Networks Service UA TNWS
    Technology Research Technologies UA TRT
    Technology Support UA TS
    Clinical Affairs IT Service UA CAIT
    Technology Learning Technology UA TLT
  Telecom BL Auxiliary Converged Communications UA BTLV
    BL Telecom Voice Auxiliary UA BTVA
    IN Telecommunications Voice UA ITLV
    IN Telecom Voice Auxiliary UA ITVA
  Student Services Card Services BA CARD
    RPAS Central Support BA CENT
    RPAS Halls of Residence BA HALL
    RPAS Dining Operations BA DINE
    RPAS Maintenance Operations BA MANT
    RPAS IU Conference
    Food Services IA FOOD
    Housing IA HDEP
    IUPUI Card System IA ONEC
    Housing SB HOUS
    Housing SE HOUS
  Admin Services Police Auxiliary UA PDAX
    Radiation Safety UA ENHS
    Risk Management UA RISK
    University Relations / Creative Services UA URCS


  Transportation Campus Bus BA BUSS
    Motor Pool BA MOTR
    Parking Services - BA BA PARK
    Parking Services - IA BA PARK
    Parking Services - SB BA PARK
  School of Medicine Biochem Auxiliary Services IN BIBB
    Immunology IN IMMR
    Infectious Disease IN INFR
    Laboratory Animal Research IN LARS
    Medical & Molecular Genetics IN MGEN
    Pathology and Laboratory Medicine IN PNBS
    Radiology IN RRRA
    Student Health Services IN SHSR
    Cancer Center Clinical Trials IN CCCT
    Clinical Research Center IN CRC
  Academic Chemistry Support Services BL CMAX
    Center for Survey Research BL CSR
    National Survey on Student Engagement BL NSSE
    Biology Stockroom BL STOC
  Bookstore Bookstore - BA BA BKOS
    Bookstore - IA IA BKOS
  Campus Service Physical Plant Services - BA BA PHYP
    Campus Child Care Support BL CCCS
    Mail Services - BL BL MSVX
    Environmental Health & Safety IA ENHS
    Mail Services - IA IA MAIL
    Tower Block IA TBLK
    CFS Stores Auxiliaries IN CFSA
    CFS Maintenence IN CFSF
    Child Care Center IN CHCR
    Real Estate UA REAL
    IUPUI Campus Center IN CMCT
  Events Auditorium BA AUTM
    Bradford Woods BA BRAD
    Indiana Memorial Union BA IMU
    Natatorium & Sport Services IA NAT
  Publishing Indiana Daily Student BA IDS
    Indiana University Press BA IUPR
    Publications - BA BA PUBL