Accounts Payable ACH Authorization

ACH Authorization

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an network for Electronic funds transfer (EFT) in the United States. Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is the electronic exchange, transfer of money from one account to another, either within a single financial institution or across multiple institutions, through computer-based systems.

IU Accounts Payable can use ACH transfers for direct deposit vendor payments and employee reimbursements. But in order to utilize ACH, a vendor or employee must submit the appropriate forms for authorization.

The forms linked below enable enrollment in ACH for receiving Indiana University payment. Fields highlighted in red border are required. Fields that are not require should be completed as needed. Vendors are encouraged to complete the remittance email address field. An email notification will generate to advise you of forth coming payment when this information is provided.  

Please complete the appropriate form before printing, signing and submitting to Accounts Payable.

Employee ACH Sign-up Form: To be used by Indiana University employees when receiving KFS DV Disbursements.  For example, a DV payment for reimbursement for out of pocket expense.

Vendor ACH Sign-up Form: To be used by vendors to whom Indiana University is paying.  This ACH Authorization Form is intended for KFS PO type vendors and KFS DV type vendors.

For Indiana University department representatives: Please search KFS Vendor to determine whether this form is the form needed. New KFS vendors can also complete the authorization form before they are fully approved in KFS.